Rototech Group: quality management system

Rototech Group implements Six Sigma for quality control system

Rototech Group is committed to implement quality control

Rototech Group: Focus on Quality

Rototech Group:
Focus on Quality

Rototech Group is committed to continuous improvement and fully implements Lean Production and Six Sigma as a main part of its Quality Management System.

Anchored in all departments and fields of production: the Rototech Quality System is certified in accordance with all important national and international standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015) and is integrated in all Quality areas:

  • Quality of the products and raw materials
  • Quality in management and its employees
  • Quality in service delivery
  • Quality in processes

The commitment to improving quality is an ongoing process for Rototech Group, with measurable and common targets.

We supply systems and components made of recyclable plastic and our products are used as modules for resource-saving mobility and pollution reduction.

At Rototech, Quality and Environment management are under the direct control of the Executive Board.

For us it is not only a business strategy, but also a personal responsibility.



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